Laura Katz Olson, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science

Dr. Olson has published seven books: The Political Economy of Aging: The State, Private Power and Social Welfare; Aging and Public Policy: The Politics of Growing Old in America; The Graying of the World: Who Will Take Care of the Frail Elderly; Age Through Ethnic Lenses: Caring for the Elderly in a Multicultural Society; The Not So Golden Year: Caregiving, the Frail Elderly and the Long-Term Care Establishment; Heart Sounds (her first novel); and The Handbook of Long-Term Care Administration and Policy.  Her most recent book is The Politics of Medicaid (Colombia University Press). She has published widely in the field of aging, health and women’s studies, her recent articles addressing such topics as long-term care, Medicaid and Medicare policies and the Affordable Care Act. She has been a scholar at the Social Security Administration, a Gerontological Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar. She also lectures on Medicaid policy and the Health Care Reform Act. Dr. Olson is on the editorial board of the Journal of Aging Studies and New Political Science. She also served on the governing council of the American Political Science Association.  She teaches “The Politics and Policies of American Health Care” at the graduate and undergraduate levels.