Elizabeth A. Dolan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English

Dr. Dolan researches and teaches 18th -century literature and contemporary illness narratives. Her book Seeing Suffering in Women’s Literature of the Romantic Era (Ashgate 2008) addresses 18th-century medical topics such as melancholia, contagious eye disease, health travel, and the impoverished ill.  She taught literature to medical students for three years in the Department of Social Medicine at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and consistently offers courses that focus on literature and medicine at Lehigh—including “Illness and Deviance in American Culture” (a version of Eng. 11), “Aging and Creativity” (a version of Eng. 90), and “TimeSlips: Collaborative Storytelling with Alzheimer’s Patients” (a version of Eng. 290).  In addition to teaching HMS 001: “Introduction to Medical Humanities,” she teaches HMS/ENGL 115/315 “Topics in Health, Medicine, and Literature.”  Most recently the course focus was “The Literature of Contagion.”