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Casey Colangelo is a senior Biology major and currently minoring in the HMS program. She have aspirations of becoming a Physician Assistant and will be applying to PA schools come April 2016. The HMS minor has helped her take what she learns in her Biology classes and apply it to real life. Casey finds that studying the two in conjunction with one another has really prepared her for entering a career in the medical field. She has thoroughly enjoyed each class given by the HMS program and highly recommends it for anyone interested in a health related profession.

“I immediately fell in love with HMS beginning with my Medicine and Society class, which gave me the opportunity to help the local Bethlehem community while also providing me with a solid introduction to public health issues plaguing the nation. I then went on to take the Women and Health class taught by Professor Hicks. That class inspired me to want to work as a PA in Obstetrics and Gynecology.”

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